This past weekend I helped with a private function that featured a sweet tooth sampler. It was filled with chocolate covered treats, bowls filled with M&M's and enough sugary gummies to send any dentist running for the hills. Candy buffets are favorites to have at weddings, birthdays and just about any themed party. They are great to have as they provide a variety of treats that will surely satisfy every and you can coordinate your candy selections to fit any party theme. I think the candy buffets that are made up of candy all in one or two colors always look amazing. Here are some great tips on how to create your own amazing candy buffet.
1. Determine Your Budget. I strongly suggest setting a budget for your candy buffet prior to your shopping trip. Once you start selecting which kinds of candy you want at the store you will be surprised at how quickly it adds up. Specialty candies will be priced by the pound and can add up quickly.

2. Pick Your Theme. You can find candy in every shape, color and flavor these days. Choosing a theme before your shop will help you narrow down which candies to choose from. This candy buffet I helped create was filled with the host's favorite sweets.

3. Make Your Candy List. Just as I have said before it can get quite overwhelming when you start selecting candies for a candy buffet. Based off of your budget and how many guests you have attending create a list of the candies you want to make sure you have as well as a few alternate options. A great thing to consider with your candy selections are to include chocolates, hard candies, gummies, mints and gum. 

4. Select a Variety of Display Containers. The best candy displays are created by using a variety of different sized jars and display containers. We used trays, vases, apothecary jars and bowls to put the candy in as well as tables of varying heights and crates covered in cloths to create this candy display. 

5. Purchase Candy Scoops. Please make sure to have a variety of scoops, spoons, tongs, etc. available for your guests to use. Not all candies come wrapped up and you don't want your guests sticking their hands into the unwrapped candy.

6. Have Candy Bags/Boxes Available. If your event has kids attending a great way to help manage your candy supply it to provide favor bags or boxes for your guests to fill up. This will limit how much candy they can select and will help ensure that all your guests will be able to grab a few of their favorites. 

I hope these tips help you in creating your own candy buffet! Here are some more great pictures from the one I helped create. 
What type of candy would you have on your candy buffet? Happy Monday!!


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