Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. Last week I celebrated the 4th of July by going to the Richmond Squirrels game with the family. The Squirrels won (yea!) and we got to view an amazing fireworks show after the game. When it comes to minor league games, like this one, it is very important that the event staff provides entertainment and guest interaction throughout the game. One of the funniest games that I witnessed at the game was Whack-An-Intern (set up much like whack-a-mole except with interns).
Here is the fam before the game started enjoying the hot weather. To the left you can see some of the fireworks from after the game. Just a little tip: If you attend a Squirrels game with fireworks, the best seats are the ones on the 3rd base side as the fireworks will be directly in front of you.
On Friday I worked a Wedding with Events by Elizabeth Palmer. This wedding reception was held down at the Jefferson Hotel as that is where the bride's parents had their own reception many years ago. The bride and groom included adorable customized details into the wedding that I just had to share with you. Each of these customizations are easy additions that any bride and groom can add to their special day. 
The bride and groom had this tree for everyone to sign. They had a sign near the post that asked all guests to sign their name to "leaf" their mark on their wedding tree. This is an adorable idea that give the bride and groom something they can hang up in their new home together from their wedding. Along with their wedding tree the bride and groom created a mad lib that they asked their guests to fill out and leave behind for the couple to read.  
The bride and groom had a signature drink at their wedding called Southern Sweetie that all the guests loved! And you can't a a southern preppy drink without adorable stripped straws in the wedding colors.

My favorite customized detail that they had at their wedding was the bride and groom cake pops they had as favors for all the guests. They placed them at each guest's spot to also serve as a table decoration. To include their wedding colors they tied all the grooms pops with blue ribbon and all the brides pops with green. 
The little customized details like these are always my favorite at weddings. It just shows how the bride and groom incorporated their personalities into their big day of celebration. For more event personalization ideas you can check out my earlier post on Wedding Presonalization that I posted a while back. 

Over all I had a fun filled weekend! What did you do this past weekend? Did anyone try to make the ice cream cupcakes? I would love to hear what flavors you tried!

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