Welcome to July! I can't believe how quickly the month of June flew by between bachelorette parties, a wedding, going to baseball games and also celebrating Father's Day there was an event every week. Thank goodness July is going to be a little more laid back for me. 

This past weekend I attended another bachelorette party for my BFF Meredith. Her sister, being the MOH, planed an exciting day up in Charlottesville where we did some wine tasting and had lunch at a great brewery in the area. Luckily we had amazing weather and even though the power was out in the area the vineyards were very accommodating  and they had generators set up. They also had weddings to get ready for that evening, so they were beyond prepared for groups to come in for wine tasting.

Here are some pictures of our day of wine tasting and celebration.
Barrels from the King Family Vineyard and Veritas Vineyard that we visited.
All the girls at lunch at the Blue Mountain Brewery.
The bride trying some wine at King Family Vineyards.
The hanging wine cork sign that spelled out "LOVE" in the Veritas tasting room.

Also, Emily and Nathan stopped in Richmond on Sunday as they just arrived back from their honeymoon Saturday evening. It was exciting to be able to hear about their honeymoon and to also see their newest addition to the family while they opened their presents. 
Isn't he just the cutest!!! They just picked him up on Sunday morning. We decided he was also a present and had to add this bow.

What did you do this past weekend? Don't forget you can sign-up to receive daily post notifications by going to my "Follow Me" page and filling out your contact information. I hope you all have a great Monday! 



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