This past weekend I ventured up to go visit my sister during her last weekend in Northern Virginia, did a few of the bridesmaid's hair for a wedding and then also was able to go to the wedding to celebrate with the bride and groom. Being a sucker for weddings this past weekend was something I was looking forward to for a while. This all got started when my sister's roommate got engaged and she asked me if I could help get some of her bridesmaids ready by doing their hair. So, my sister and I decided to make a fun weekend out of it while I would be in town. On Friday we went out to dinner with some friends, Saturday I was on hair duty in the morning and then we both had the ceremony and reception to attend that afternoon, and by Sunday we went out for a nice breakfast before I had to head home. I made sure to take some pictures of my favorite things from the wedding so that I could share them with you today!

Here are two of the bridesmaids all ready for the wedding day. 
My sister and I at the reception.
The bride and groom chose a lovely yellow and gray for their wedding colors. Our wedding favor, sunglasses with their wedding date on them, was waiting at our seat. They also had fun with creating their table names. They named all their tables after their favorite animated shows, movies and games. We were seated at the Rugrats table.
For a personal touch the bride and groom put together an album of their engagement pictures for guests to sign. They also had extra engagement pictures for all the guests to take with them.
And you cannot forget about the cake. The couple chose a beautifully designed cake using a light yellow and incorporating in a gorgeous lace detail. The best part of the cake, besides how delicious it was, was the surprise that the bride added at the base. She had the cake decorator take one of the groom's favorite characters and had him "trapped" under the cake. 
The bride and groom had a wonderful ceremony and reception with everything running so smoothly. My sister and I had tons of fun, met some great people at our Rugrats table and went went home exhausted from enjoying all the wedding festivities. What is your favorite part when you attend a wedding?


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