Happy Happy Monday to you all! I hope everyone had a good weekend and have rested up from all of last week’s Halloween fun. I know it was Halloween, but instead of attending Halloween festivities on Wednesday I celebrated one of my friend’s birthdays (he is a Halloween baby).

His girlfriend wanted to get all his friends together to celebrate and asked for some help with getting everything planned and put together. The birthday boy went to USC which gave us the event’s colors and the food selection was all his favorites. This included red velvet cupcakes (USC colors of course!), pizza rolls, peanut M&M’s, chicken nuggets, cheese puffs, and a few other finger foods.
The best creation was the beer cake using the birthday boy’s favorite beers and custom made koozies that were made just for the occasion by etsy store owner BarraKoozie. The birthday boy is never without a koozie so he loved every part of the cake!
To add some humor to the décor, his girlfriend thought it was be hysterical to blow up pictures of the birthday boy to create fun birthday posters. You can get posters like these made the same day at Kinko’s on basic printing paper without spending a lot.
As with any successful surprise party the best part was that the birthday boy had no idea about the party! Everyone had a great time celebrating their friend’s birthday and it made for a perfect event evening! Have you had a surprise party planned for you before? What would be your must-haves when planning a surprise party?


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