Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend full of fun. I didn't have any events going on this past weekend as I spent all day Saturday moving. Today I started a new job as an event coordinator!! With moving to a new place I decided to do a little research on some fun events in Charlottesville, Virginia. You will have to check back tomorrow for a list of ten can't miss things to do and attend in the Charlottesville area that I have put together.

I did have one big celebration that I attended last week. My grandparent's celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary last Thursday. My family went over and made dinner for them to celebrate this special occasion with them while we were all in town. Below is a picture that I was able to get of them toasting to their 65 years of happiness. We had so much fun and they just love it when everyone is able to get together!

After celebrating my grandparent's anniversary last week I have be going nonstop. Once I get all settled into my new place and job I can't wait to start exploring what there is to see and do in Charlottesville. I love new places as that also comes with new events to attend and to take part in. What is your favorite thing to do or place to go where you live?


p.s. ~ I have some great news that I will be sharing about later on this week that you will have to keep an eye out for too!! 


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