Wedding Wednesday: The First Anniversary #PreppyPlanner
To keep up with the 1st anniversary celebrations I have dedicated today’s post to a celebration that occurs after the wedding: the 1st Anniversary. After the wedding the bride and groom will have a year of firsts together. The first anniversary marks the end of the first year of marriage and for some a renewal of vows. Check out some of my favorite first anniversary celebration ideas!  
The First Anniversary: Enjoy a slice of your wedding cake and a bottle of wine from your reception #PreppyPlanner
Wedding Treats
I think one of the most sentimental traditions of the first wedding anniversary is the saving of the top tier and a bottle of wine or champagne from the wedding reception and enjoying it on the celebration of the first anniversary. The two of you can enjoy a nice dinner for two (maybe even at the same place you hosted your reception), enjoy your wedding goodies and relive your wedding day by flipping through pictures or watching your wedding video.
The First Anniversary: This is the paper anniversary #PreppyPlanner
In the US the traditional first wedding anniversary gift is paper. Some great gift ideas include customized stationary, a handwritten love letter or a nice book. You can also get a little creative with the paper theme and find unique paper themed gifts like printed paper coasters, a customized calendar, event tickets or a map with the places the two of you would like to go together

Vow Renewals
Some people love any excuse to host a party, and the first anniversary is no exception. Some couples enjoy renewing their vows every year on their anniversary with their friends and family. Others might take a fun anniversary trip as their way of celebrating (aka renewing their honeymoon).

No matter if you decide to go the traditional route when celebrating your anniversary or create your own anniversary celebrations remember to have fun celebrating. The two of you made it through an entire year together with many more wonderful anniversary celebrations ahead of you! What other ideas do you have for an anniversary celebration?

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