Wedding weekends are always filled with celebration and fun. However, for the out-of-town guests it can sometimes get a little overwhelming when you first arrive as you are not familiar with the area or know exactly where anything is happening. A great way to solve this problem for all your out-of-town guests? A wedding welcome bag! Here are some of my favorite items to include in a wedding welcome bag...
1. Map of the Area. While you and the wedding party will be booked from the minute you get to town until you leave your guests will probably have some free time on their hands. Include a map with your wedding event locations already marked for your guests as well as recommended places to eat and fun places to go. 
2. Welcome Door Hanger. This is a cute way to welcome your guests, say thank you for coming and gives them a cute sign to hang on the door for the morning after. This one if from etsy store Diva Gone Domestic Too
3. Bottle Water. This is a welcome bag must! After a fun night of (too much?) drinking your guests will love that they have water sitting right next to their bed so they don't even have to get up.
4. Mints of Gum. With all the hopping around from one location to the next and partying until the wee hours in celebration of the newly weds, something to freshen the breath will definitely come in handy. 
5. Snacks. After a day of traveling having snacks waiting for your guests upon arrival is the perfect solution. For a more personal touch select snacks that are special to the area or are favorites of the bride and groom. 
6. Mini Emergency Items. Including travel size or a DIY emergency kit in your welcome bags will save a guest or two from having to run to CVS during their weekend stay. You can check out this past post I did for a full wedding survival kit list. (A hangover kit works wonders too!)
7. Local Mementos. Show your guests why you love where you are getting married by including a memento that they can enjoy or take with them. This could be a souvenir or a special treat from your favorite eatery.    
8. Chocolate. You can NEVER go wrong with adding chocolate to a welcome bag (unless you are allergic of course). 

And if the thought of doing one more DIY project for your wedding will send you over the edge there are great companies, like Bow Tie Bags, that will make them for you! Have you created a welcome bag before? What did you include in your bags?


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