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And now onto my Wedding Wednesday inspiration for today! Today I have a little wedding history to share with you today. Have you ever thought about where all those wedding traditions that are incorporated into today's ceremonies have come from? I was reading this great article on The Knot the other day and came across an article that talked about where some of the most common traditions came from. Here are some of my favorites...

Wedding Traditions: The Wedding Ring #PreppyPlanner
One of the most common wedding traditions, no matter what kind of ceremony or wedding you decide to have, is the wedding ring. This symbol of eternity and everlasting love can be traced back thousands of years to the ancient Egyptians. They would wear a band on their left ring finger as they believed that the vein in that finger led directly to the heart. These bands changed to today's common diamond rings during the Renaissance when the Archduke of Austria gave one to his bride-to-be.

One of my favorite wedding traditions is the bridal party. The Roman's started the tradition of having bridesmaids and groomsmen in their wedding ceremonies as they would serve as protection against jealous demons (or other suitors) that would be out to get the bride and groom-to-be. 

Wedding Traditions: The Groom's Boutonniere #PreppyPlanner
Always being a knight in shinning armor, during the Middle Ages the grooms-to-be started wearing boutonnieres in their bride's wedding colors as a statement of his love. How adorable was this? And those fresh floral bouquets that brides carry down the aisle were not always fresh. Traditionally it was the Greco-Roman tradition of holding herbs and spices to ward off evil spirits, but during the Victorian age the idea of carrying a fresh floral bouquet came into fashion and still a favorite for brides today.

Did you know that wedding dresses weren't always white? Before Queen Victoria wore a white dress at her wedding having a colorful dress was the thing to do. Some cultures still embrace the colorful wedding day traditions, but white is still the most popular wedding dress color for brides today. The most famous white wedding of all was when Grace Kelly married her price charming in the 1950's. The princess bride fantasy became the dream of millions of little girls and still is today.

Wedding Traditions: The Wedding Cake #PreppyPlanner
Prior to the 16th century wedding cakes were usually made of pure sugar. It wasn't until Queen Victoria's son Price Leopold, Duke of Albany, had his wedding that the first entirely edible wedding cake was served. Today to help with the wedding cake budget you will see a bunch of bride and grooms choosing to have a wedding cake created with both techniques with the bottom few layers being made of foam and the top layer made of cake. 

Today's wedding are filled with a combination of old and new traditions that truly reflect the style of each bride and groom-to-be. There is no right or wrong choice when selecting which traditions you want included in your wedding and adding a little spin to some of the traditional parts of a wedding makes the wedding day all the more special. 

What is your favorite wedding tradition?


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