One part of planning your wedding includes deciding if you want to have a ring bearer. Having a ring bearer can be a great way to incorporate a younger member of your family and makes the kids feel included in your big day. 

When choosing a ring bearer it is nice to keep in mind the age of the child so that you know what they will and will not be able to do. If they are under the age of 3 it is best to not give them anything that is wooden or that has the rings on them. However, if they are older you can get pretty creative with what you would like them to tote down the aisle on your wedding day. With that in mind today I have put some creative ideas together that you can make or buy for your own ring bearer.

If you want to sick with the classics for your ring bearer there are two ways you can go: pillow or box. Having a customized box made for your rings, like this one from DazzinglingExpressions on Etsy, gives you a nice keepsake for after the wedding. You can get it personalized with his and her initials, carve one into a classic heart or buy one from where you got engaged. The options are endless. The other classic option is the pillow. If you have a younger child acting as your ring bearer this can usually be the safest option. You can tie fake rings onto the pillow and you know that they can't hurt themselves with it. To customize the pillow you can have it made in your wedding colors, like this one from SiSiCreations on Etsy. 
A third option, if you want to get a bit more creative, is to make a sign for your ring bearer to carry down the aisle. This option is best if your ring bearer is above the age of 3. There are multiple different options that you can choose from when you make a sign. One way is that you can create a wooden sign, like the one that I made for my friend's wedding. I personalized that wooden sign using their wedding colors and the groom's name. Another option is to make one that will hang around the ring bearer's neck with ribbon. A third option, and one that I love is the one below. I found this one from a Style Me Pretty inspiration board.  
Just how adorable is that sign idea! No matter what you choose you can add your own personal touch to your selection either through the addition of initials, colors, or by making it yourself. What would you have a ring bearer carry down the aisle? You can find these and more great ring bearer ideas by following me on my Pinterest page @PreppyPlanner.


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