A few days ago one of my best friends and her boy friend got engaged. While my first thought was "finally" I am really happy for the two and can't wait to celebrate with both of them! So in celebration of my friend's engagement I started putting together some of my favorite proposal stories and ideas. I really am a sucker when I hear that the groom put a lot of effort into the proposal. So girl's make sure to share this post with your man if you want them to get a little creative with their proposal plan!

For the guy who has great computer and video skills you can try something creative like this movie proposal.
And for those who aren't as technologically inclined you can try one of these! Here are two great ideas for the couple who shares a love of food.
Have your (potentially new) pet carry the ring in on their collar.
Of course there are the adorable seasonal proposals as well.
And my favorite is the photobooth proposal. You are guaranteed to capture the best reaction shots ever!
What is your dream proposal idea? And don't forget to remind your guy to have a friend capture the proposal on camera! Those will be some of the best shots that the two of you can treasure forever.


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Megan Ortiz
09/25/2013 9:10pm

oh gosh! that Starbucks Christmas one!
I love your Wedding Wednesday posts!

09/26/2013 11:08am

Thanks Megan!! I always love finding cute new ideas to share and that Starbucks one was one of my favorites!


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