A few weeks ago I shared with you an great checklist to use when planning a wedding. Just as every person is different their wedding planning priorities are also different. However, I will say that having a photographer at your event to document all the special wedding day moments is a pretty high priority in my book. You want someone there who will be able to capture you and your groom getting ready, walking down the aisle and celebrating with your friends and family.

Here are a few tips that will make sure you get the right photographer for you.
  1. Do you two share the same vision? You want to make sure that you and your potential photographer are on the same page when it comes to what you want as an end result. Ask them why they got into the business and what their favorite thing to photograph on the wedding day is. 
  2. Do they have an assistant? You may think that 1 photographer is enough for the wedding day, but that is not exactly true. From getting ready up until the wedding party is announced at the reception you will have at least two groups of people that you will want photographed at all times. You don’t want to miss out on a great photo opportunity because the photographer was running back and forth between locations!
  3. Do you get full rights to the photos and do you get a digital copy? Since photography has gone digital this is a newer question to ask photographers when booking one for an event. There are no more negatives that you have to worry about so some photographers give their clients CD’s and full rights to the images after the event. 
  4. How quick are they in sending you all the photos after the event? I had a friend have to wait almost 6 months after her wedding before she saw any pictures. See what the photographer’s timeline is on getting photos back to their clients before you hire them. If you have an event during a busy season it may take longer than normal.

You will treasure these photos for many anniversaries to come so make sure to do your homework when it comes to selecting your wedding photographer. One of my sorority sisters, Nikki Santerre, is an amazing photographer and is 100% correct in how she describes what these wedding photos will mean to you and your loved ones: 
“As a recent bride, I completely understand all the excitement and emotions you are experiencing as you plan your wedding day. The thing is, above all else, I believe in love. This day is about YOUR love story, the start of your journey in life, and the images captured? They are the ones you will show your grandchildren one day when you’re old and gray.” 
What is your favorite wedding day picture?


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