When it comes to planning a wedding, or any event for that matter, it can get quite overwhelming at times. The best way that I have found to help combat wedding planning anxiety is to have a checklist to help guide you throughout your planning process. Even if you decide to hire a wedding planner, it is still a good idea to create/buy/download a wedding planning checklist so that you know what to expect during the planning process. Based on how much assistance you need in planning your wedding day, I have a list for you.

Wedding Bells: The Wedding Planning Timeline
By Alex Gariano from Team Lauren Conrad
This post is composed by one of the contributors to the Lauren Conrad blog site who is currently in the process of getting married herself. She has a great printable checklist, which starts 12 months out, and some great tips that you can reference throughout the planning process. For the person that just needs a little assistance this is a great checklist to have.

Wedding Workbook
Martha Stewart Weddings
The Martha Stewart Weddings website provides information about every detail when it comes to planning your big day. You do have to create an account to access their downloads and some of their site information, but creating an account is free. Their checklist starts 6 months out from your wedding date and also comes with a budget, guest list, photographer, music, flower and reception seating planner. This checklist will make sure that you have every last detail covered!

The Knot Planning Checklist
The Knot
If you are totally clueless when it comes to planning your big day this might be the site you want to consult first. Everything is organized, and easily accessible, online for you and can keep you organized to a “T.” You can download their ipad or iphone app which will allow you to carry your list with you everywhere you go. This is the perfect electronic event planning tool for any bride-to-be.
Now you are on your way to celebrating a wonderful marriage. Just remember to stay calm throughout the planning process and that you are planning an event to celebrate your soon to be marriage, not a red carpet VIP event, so have fun!

Have a wedding or event planning question that you want answered? Let me know in the comments section below.


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