To me nothing could be more festive than a summer wedding. When choosing your wedding date many soon to be bride and grooms will choose one of the multiple red, white and blue holiday weekends. Hosting your wedding during one of these holiday weekends can provide for the perfect red, white and blue party theme. Today I have put together some great ideas if you want to create a stars & stripes themed nuptial.

Place Cards: Star Tags. This Etsy find is perfect for creating your guest’s place cards. For the crafty brides out there this is also a great DIY project that you could take on.
Table Decoration: Patriotic Star Table Runner. This star-studded table runner would be great on top of a white linen for a cake or gift table. 
Place Setting: Star Napkin & Stripe Napkin Holder. Stick with bright white china in clean shaped to accompany this starry napkin and grosgrain stripe napkin holder.
Cake: Modern Stripes. You can still have a beautifully decorated wedding cake by going with a more modern take on the stars and stripes theme like this mod red and blue striped wedding cake.
Wedding Favors: Star Spangled S'Mores. S’mores, the perfect treat to give out at the end of a wonderful evening. You can setup your own fire pits or send your guests home with the treat bag to make at a later date.
What do you think about this stars and stripes wedding theme?  


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