Many of you are probably familiar with the wedding tradition of "something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue." Some brides are pretty persistent in following this tradition, since it is supposed to bring you good luck when you have all four on your wedding day, and will not take one step down that aisle until they have all four things on that list. The first three items on that list are pretty easy to find for the big day, but it can sometimes get a little tricky incorporating your "something blue" into your wedding day outfit. To help out those brides-to-be I have put together some creative ways on how you can incorporate your "something blue" into your wedding day...

1. Blue Pedicure.
This is a great way to add your pop of blue. More than likely you are planning on getting your nails done before your big day, so choosing a shade of blue is the perfect way to add that something blue without having to add anything else to your to-do list.
2. Blue Stitching.
For those that don't mind adding a little something to heir wedding gown ask the person handling your alterations if they could add your wedding date or new initials to the hem of your dress in blue. If you can sew this can also be an easy DIY project to complete.
3. Blue Hanky.
I am not saying that it always happens, but I would say most brides (and grooms) will tear up at some point during the wedding ceremony. Why not find an adorable blue hanky to carry with you down the aisle. You can find some great ones on Etsy or ask a relative if they have one (then it could also be your something old or borrowed).
4. Blue Vows.
I'm not says they are to be sad, instead write your vows out on blue paper. This is a great ideas for the bride who is afraid that they might blank when they are in front of so many guests.
5. Blue "I Do".
This might be one of my favorite ways to add your "something blue." You can get stickers or a blue sharpie to add a cute "I Do" to the bottom of your wedding day shoes.
Which is your favorite way to incorporate your "something blue" into your wedding day?


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