The summer is filled with red, white and blue themed holidays with the first of them being this weekend. Memorial Day is the first of many extended holiday weekends and with that many people will plan to host their wedding during this time. There are pros and cons to hosting a wedding during a holiday weekend but one great pro is that you have the option of coordinating your wedding colors to the holiday. Today I have put together some great red, white and blue themed wedding ideas that would make Uncle Sam proud! 
The Wedding Party
Stick with the classics when it comes to outfitting your wedding party in red, white and blue outfits. Combining the three individual colors into the outfits is easy to do. For the girls go with a simple dress silhouette in either red or blue and then purchase the alternative colored shoes. For the guys you can still have simple suits or tuxes accented with red or blue (or both) ties and socks. As the bride you can add a colored sash and fun shoes in red or blue. 
Table Setting
I love the use of the red and blue contrasting against the while table cloth. This table setting combines the perfect amount of color while still giving it an elegant wedding reception feel. To add a little more color you could also rent red or blue chairs for your reception tables. And to top off this table setting the wire heart decorations are the perfect wedding accessory! 
I love floral arrangements made out of a variety of flowers that are all the same color. So when it comes to choosing your bouquet for this red, white and blue themed wedding I strongly suggest using this trend. The girls could carry a white bouquet to complete their red, white and blue look allowing the bride to carry a colored arrangement. You can accessorize the men with a colored boutonniere as well. When it comes to the reception floral arrangements continue using this trend and keep each arrangement a single color. 
The Cake
Go for a modern twist on the standard red, white and blue look when it comes to designing your wedding cake. You can style single colored tiers or have a designed pied onto the cake with colored piping. This cake incorporates the red, white and blue colors nicely onto the cake design while still keeping the elegance of a wedding cake.

There were a few common characteristics that I found made all these red, white and blue wedding ideas work. Each bride and groom did not overdo the use of their colors, each wedding used the true reds and blues in their decorating choices and they all kept all their patterns simple. What do you think about this red, white & blue themed wedding?


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