At most every event you attend there will be some type of music playing in t he background. When it comes to weddings you could have a band, DJ or an iPod providing your tunes for the evening. There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to your style of music during the reception. It all just depends on the type of music and the group of people you have at your wedding. Here are some pros and cons to consider when choosing your type of wedding reception music.
Wedding Bands
  • You can’t beat live music!
  • Sound quality is normally better.
  • Musicians can alter the tempo depending on the crowd.
  • Perfect addition if you are planning a themed event.
  • For those wanting a true traditional wedding.
  • They can add that special “wow” factor at your event.
  • They can get quite pricey. The bigger the band, the higher the price.
  • They might only be able to play one type of sound.
  • They will might not know every song you want to hear.
  • They will need a break at some point which will mean no music will be played for a while.
  • It’s hard to adjust the volume of live instruments like you would a sound system.
  • Make sure you have enough space at your reception for the whole band.
  • The best groups can often get booked up very early.
Wedding DJs
  • Usually cheaper than a wedding band.
  • You have the ability to have any artist and song played at your event.
  • DJ’s have the ability to create perfect segues between songs.
  • They can adjust volume and play instrumental versions only when needed.
  • You shouldn't have any breaks in the music.
  • For those wanting a party/club type feel.
  • Perfect for a reception that may or may not have a lot space.
  • Beware of the DJ’s that don’t enjoy their job. They can bring down the party atmosphere in 2 seconds flat if they are not in a good mood.
  • For a formal wedding a DJ can be too casual for the occasion.
No matter who you decide to hire for your wedding reception it is always a smart idea to go and see the person or group perform before you decide to book them for your own event. You can see how they interact with a group and get a feeling for the type of music they play. And for those on a super tight budget you can now find people being their own DJ at their reception. The couple will rent a sound system and hook up their own iPod of their tunes. 

Which would you prefer at your event?


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