Happy Hump Day! 
I just could not resist sharing that today. I always love short clips or pictures that can make you smile and put you in a happy mood. Always, onto the rest of my post now!

One of my favorite things about events and weddings is establishing a theme to center your creativity around. When it comes to weddings I have seen couples who just stick with the traditional wedding as well as the ones that like to go all out and theme their wedding off of their favorite sports team. One of my favorite reasons for watching Four Weddings on TLC is to see what crazy wedding themes some of those brides come up with. Here are 5 new wedding themes from The Knot that you are sure to see this year.

1. English Romance. Elegant roses, classic lace and gilded gold accents are the staples in this garden themed wedding.
2. Great Gatsby Glamour. This is one theme that has come roaring back into style. Go above and beyond with elaborate black and gold embellishments that will take people back to the 1920’s. 
3. Mod. The use of bold colors and graphic prints is perfect for the bride and groom looking to a modern and fresh wedding design.
4. Homestead Elegance. The outdoor reception theme is a favorite to all those who are looking for that romantic and natural feel.
5. Geeked-Out. Brides and grooms are loving incorporating Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more into their big day.
It does not matter what type of theme you decide to go with on your wedding day as long as it fits who you are and makes you happy. Make sure to come back over the next few weeks as I go down the wedding checklist when it comes to creating some of my favorite wedding themes. What is your favorite wedding theme?


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