Happy Wedding Wednesday! Have you ever been to an event that had a candy dessert bar? Well, yes those are cool, but I found something even more fun. A Popcorn Bar!

I stumbled upon this amazing idea when I was at the Charlottesville Wedding Classic this past weekend. At the expo there was a company called Valentine’s Kettle Corn who specializes in on site popping, event favors and popcorn bars. They had an amazing selection of their popcorn flavors and colors to try at the wedding show which included their classic, cherry, cheddar, and chocolate. And the best part of all everything can be customized! From the flavors, colors and display jars the possibilities are endless.
Now, when it comes to your wedding, or any event, a popcorn bar is the perfect addition to your evening. You can have one setup as a favor table for all your guests to make a to-go bag or this could serve as a great late night snack for those that have a party going into the evening. You can get a variety of glass jars and containers to create your popcorn bar display and then tie cute ribbons, in your event colors of course, onto each jar with a label of the popcorn flavor. You could customize your popcorn selection with your wedding colors or have the flavors tie into the bride & groom’s favorites.

The owners of Valentine’s Kettle Corn were telling me all about the different options when it comes to popcorn bars, so the sky really is the limit! They even had the most adorable favor tags that would be perfect for a future bride and groom to use at their wedding. If you are interested in contacting Valentine's Kettle Corn you can email them at ValentinesKettleCorn@gmail.com.
I don’t know why I have never heard of this concept before for an event, but it is such a great idea! And you don’t just have to limit having a popcorn bar to weddings. You could have one for a baby shower (pink and blue popcorn reveal?), at a birthday party or create one for an awards show party (the Oscars are this Sunday!).

What do you think about this popcorn bar idea?


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