When it comes to capturing memories from your wedding a photo booth is a great option to have. Having a photo booth at your wedding also adds a nice entertainment value to your event as this gives your guests something to do during the evening when they may want a break from the dance party.

There are a couple of options that you can choose from when deciding what kind of photo booth you would like to have at your event. One way to have a photo booth is to create it yourself. You can set up a Polaroid camera, add a props table, and let your guests go to town taking pictures. With your created photo booth you could also hire a photographer to take the pictures of all your guests. Another option for a photo booth is to rent one. These booths can range in rental prices but can be a great way to capture a moment from all of your guests.

No matter which option you choose your guests will have so much fun. My favorite part is then to take the pictures and turn them into your guest book. Next to the photo booth you can set up a table with a scrapbook, scissors, tape, glue and pens. After the guests have had their pictures taken have them select one to add to your guest book. 
After the wedding the bride and groom will have a great keepsake book. Years from now you can look at what everyone wore and remember all the fun memories! Have you created a photo booth before? 



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