With spring is in full swing and summer not too far off more and more weddings and events will be hosted outside. As an event planner or an event host it is always best to prepare for the worst case scenario. Even if the weather channel says it will be 80 degrees and sunny out it is always best to just to plan for any “what if” that may come your way on your wedding day. So with the help of Event Solutions I have compiled some great tips that will help prepare you for anything that may come your way on your wedding day!

1. Be prepared for bad weather. Even if your event is going to be hosted indoors it is important to start looking at the projected forecast about 2 weeks out. Start collecting umbrellas (for wind, rain or sun) to have on hand for the wedding party, get extra mats to lay out on potentially slippery floors, wood chips to cover muddy spots, check to make sure all décor can hold up in the potential weather conditions (don’t want the centerpieces to blow away!) and in cases of extreme heat it’s always a good idea to know where you can rent AC units and fans at the last minute. And always make sure you let your guests know that you will be outside when you send the invitations out.
2. Plan for bugs. One thing that you will not be able to get rid of are bugs, but you can prepare to help decrease their potential. When scouting out an outdoor area look to see if there is anything that could draw bugs. Ask the venue’s groundskeepers to spray for any type of potential pests a few days before your event and always keep food and drinks covered. It can also be helpful to provide sunscreen, bug spray and hand sanitizer for your guests just in case.

3. Know your location. Having an outdoor event means that you will encounter sun rises, sun sets, wind and potential traffic noises. Don’t let anything surprise you on your event day by visiting your venue site at the time of your potential event. This should limit any surprises and will allow you to change the schedule of events if needed based on your surrounds.  
4. Don’t forget about lighting and bathrooms. Yes most events have lighting and bathrooms, but what many tend to forget is that for an event there will be an increased number of people at the venue and what is provided may not be enough. Additional pathway lights and in open areas need additional lighting so all your guests and vendors can see what they are doing. And you can never have too many restroom facilities. Look into those that are provided to see if they need additional “sprucing” before the event or even look into getting a restroom attendant to make sure everything is continually stocked. Your guests will love you for this!

5. Always have a Plan B, and C and maybe even D! You can never have too many backup options when it comes to planning for an event that will happen on a certain day no matter what. See if the venue you are using has an indoor facility that you could move everything into in the case of extreme weather or look into other locations nearby. Sometimes a tent just won’t be able to cut it if there is a lot of wind or rain. Also, create a phone tree or an emergency email list so that you are able to inform all your guests where the event has been relocated. You don’t want grandma showing up to the wrong location!

You want your guests (and you!) to have an amazing time at your event and no matter what happens be it rain, wind or snow (yes this can happen in the spring!). Having some form of contingency plan in place can help solve any problem that may come your way. If you are calm when handling a situation people may not even notice that something went wrong. What other tips do you have to help those planning an outdoor event?


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