Last fall I shared with you some amazing wedding cake designs using lace. Lace is and forever will be incorporated into the wedding industry through the fashion and decor. I am a huge fan of lace and the patterns but I am always looking for that one unique aspect that sets one event or wedding apart from another.

Just like any other trend, ombre has now emerged in the events industry with cakes being this trends target. You can spot this trend in the color of the cake, the icing and the cake decorations. An ombre styled cake provides a unique style and, of coursem the colors are to die for. Here are some amazing examples of ombre wedding cakes that are sure to inspire your cake!
There are just so many options when it comes to incorporating the ombre style into a cake. I am in love with the stenciled look on the classic white cake. It still says wedding cake with the perfect touch of the ombre effect.

What ombre inspiration is your favorite?


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