For most people, getting married means a new monogram. For the monogrammed obsessed (I am not raising my hand at all lol) this could mean a whole newline of items just waiting to be personalized. The most historical and traditional monograms are the single last name initial. However, in this day and age the three letter monogram is the most popular and can come in a wide variety of designs. 

When it comes to the proper monogram etiquette here are a few guidelines to help you create the perfect monogram:

Her Monogram
A traditional, three letter, script woman's monogram appears in the format of first initial, last initial, middle initial with the centered last initial larger than the ones on each side. In today's modern age you have so many more options when it comes to your font and style choice so you will also see this similar format for a women's monogram in a wide variety of choices including a circle monogram, diamond monogram, with block lettering or even curlz. Here are some popular choices when it comes to monogramming for a woman...
His Monogram
A guy's monogram is a little easier. The most popular monogram option for a guy is a traditional block monogram with the initials in the first, middle, last order. While a male's monogram is not as decorative as a woman's monogram you can still play around with different "manly" fonts in the traditional or block families. (I always consider it a victory if you can get a guy to go for a monogram, so I don't push the boundaries much more than that! lol) Here is an example of a traditional guy's monogram (and a great item to put it on!)...
His & Her Monogram
When it comes to creating a monogram for a newly married couple, or any couple for that matter, the monogram will be made up of the woman's first initial, the male's first initial and the couple's last name initial. However the order to which initial goes first can cause some debate. Typically you will find the woman's initial first, but tradition actually states that the male's initial on the left and the woman's initial on the right. Either way, you end up with an adorable new monogram to adorn to your gift for the happily married new couple!
I will never pass up an opportunity to add a monogram to an item and love all the fonts and style choices that you can play around with. What is your favorite monogram style to use?


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09/10/2014 10:55pm

Thanks for the information on monograms - helpful when selecting wedding gifts!


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