With Father’s Day right around the corner now is the perfect time to recognize dad’s role when it comes to preparing for and on the wedding day. The wedding isn’t just something that the mother and daughter plan by themselves. The Knot offers a great list of tasks that the father of the bride can take care of when it comes to planning for the big day. And don’t worry most of these tasks can be done by a dad without much wedding knowledge while watching a game and drinking a beer. (The perfect scenario for any dad!)

Conducting Background Checks 
Need someone to scout limousine companies for that perfect stretch? Want to know if the hall you're considering is really suitable for a large sit-down dinner? Dads are great at legwork. Give him a checklist and the names and addresses of businesses to review, and then send him on his way.

Helping Around the House 
If a menial job threatens -- licking 200 envelopes, folding programs, transporting favors -- ask Dad to lend a hand. He'll surprise you with his willingness to help, especially if you let him watch football while he works.

Going for a Spin 
Brides, you and your dad have a big dance number waiting in the wings. Pre-wedding waltz lessons can be a great break from planning stress and provides you with some great Father-Daughter time before the wedding. Just don't outdo your first-dance with your fiancé.

Tying Loose Ends 
No matter how much you try to get done before the big day, you'll always be frantic the day before your wedding. Enlist Dad to help with last-minute activities like confirming the number of guests with the caterer, calling your vendors to verify the correct time and place, and tranquilizing your mother. All he will have to really worry about is walking you down the asile.

Reception Duties 
At the reception, ask your father to play wedding coordinator if you haven't hired one. Write up the event sequence beforehand and tell him to keep track of time. Dad is normally the official host of the reception so he will be expected to welcome everyone to the reception and start the toasts.

Playing Watchdog 
Post-wedding blues affect everyone, including your parents. Give Dad something to keep him occupied: Ask him to care for your house while you're on your honeymoon. Don't be surprised if you return to find your showers re-grouted, your leaky faucet fixed, and your lawn looking greener than ever. It's just Dad's way of telling you he loves you.

Just remember to thank him for all his help after you have celebrated your big day! What other ways have you let dad help out when it comes to your wedding?


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