Yesterday one of my BFF's let me know that her and her fiance have finally set a date for their wedding. Now that the date has been set, and with just 6 months to get everything done, we are finally able to start finalizing some wedding details. The bride has found an amazing venue and dress so some of the major planning details are checked off the list but now as MOH I have some of my own planning to get done. The first thing on my checklist: find a bridesmaid dress!

Dress shopping, no matter the event, is something that I love doing! However, when it comes to bridesmaid dress shopping it's not as easy as just walking into a store and picking out whatever you love and going home with it until the wedding day. Based off of my own experiences as a bridesmaid, and from working with them, I have put together a list of helpful tips when it comes to finding the perfect bridesmaid dress. Enjoy!

1. What is the bride wearing?
A brides dress can range from modern to vintage and be made from lace, taffeta, silk, or chiffon. Once the bride gets her dress take into consideration what the style is and what the dress is made of. When searching for bridesmaid dresses look for ones that will complement the bride's. 

2. What color will work for everyone?
When thinking about your bridesmaid's dress color take into consideration what colors will look good on them. I love gold-toned dresses, but unfortunately they wash me out. Sometimes different shades of a color help with this issue if your maids have varying skin tones. The best way to prevent this problem is to have your girls try on the color you are thinking of having and see what works.
3. What body type are all your maids?
This one is something that always stuns me when some brides choose their bridesmaid dresses. Obviously not every person will have the same body type but trying to get every body type into the same dress can be pretty difficult. I love it when brides pick out 2 or 3 different styles in the same color so that everyone can choose a dress that fits their body type and is something they will be comfortable wearing.

4. Have your dress altered.
Bridesmaid dresses are designed to fit a diverse group of individuals, so the probability that the dress that is chosen will fit you perfectly is like 1%. My general rule of thumb is to order 1 size up from what you would normally wear (if you wear a 6 normally order an 8 just to be safe) and then about 2 months out take it to some one who handles alterations. Brides always get their dress altered for their wedding dress but bridesmaids don't always think about this. Believe me it will be worth the extra money when your dress isn't puckering or the straps are falling off in the wedding pictures.

5. Be flexible, but remember it is the BRIDES day!
It is always nice when the bride takes her maid's input into consideration when choosing a dress. Unfortunately, not every girl in the bridal party will be 100% in love with the dress, but don't bend over backwards to make everyone happy. As the bride let your maid's know that you want them to look great on your wedding day, but it is your wedding day.

I will be on the bridesmaid dress hunt over the Christmas break and am hoping that I can find the perfect one! Do you have any tips that might help out other bridesmaids who are also on the dress search?


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