For some couples football was how they met, what they argued over or was their everyday job. For those in the south, this could not be more true of a theme for you. Many fans plan their entire fall season around their team's schedule to make sure they don't miss a single game.  Some couples take that bond they share with the sport and turn it into their wedding theme. Though, I would have to guess that these wedding football fans are either getting married during their team's bye week or during the off season. 

With every guy having a favorite college or pro team, this will be one wedding theme that will have the guy gearing up to get involved. From the invitations to the dessert this will be one wedding that will win the Heisman! 

What better way to start incorporating the football theme than the invitation. Find a ticket from a game the two of you attended and create your own ticket to send to your guests. Even better, find a picture of the happy couple to put in place of the athlete on your original ticket. 

When planning the rest of your wedding the colors and decorations should be the easiest to select. Your favorite team already figured out what colors your wedding will be and the football is so common that you can find almost anything with a football theme. Most teams have jerseys, jewelry, garters, ribbon, and spirit wear that you can purchase all for your wedding day.

When it comes to the location that can sometimes create a challenge. For the true fan they would love to get married right on the field. If you get married during the off season this might make it a little easier to possibly get some kind of access. If you can't have the ceremony or reception there maybe you can try to arrange some group shots instead.

When it comes to decorating and picking out the small touches you can't go wrong with including a football into just about everything. During the ceremony have your ring bearer carry a football down the aisle instead of a pillow. He won't want to let go of that! Once you get to the reception have your guests add their pro signature to an autograph football instead of a guest book. After the wedding you can put your game ball on display in your new home. Want to show off some team spirit on your wedding day? When you are being announced, step out in your team's jersey. Want a little more team spirit? Buy a team ball and garter for the groom's garter toss. And you can't forget about the food. Serve tailgate favorites and football themed desserts at this wedding function. Get your cake baker to decorate your wedding cake with a little football mishap or bite into one of these delicious chocolate dipped football strawberries.
One of my favorite football themed ideas is this seating chart. Name your tables after players on the bride and groom's team and then with the white laces write down each guest's name. This is such an easy DIY project and will easily score you that PAT in this game. Don't forget about the favors.! When it comes to your favors give your guests ribbon wands or spirit poms. They can also use these to cheer the bride and groom when they depart for the evening.
Would this wedding theme score a touchdown in your book? If so what team would you choose for your wedding? Let me know in the comments section below!!



07/19/2013 8:00am

Your blog has always attracted me and this particular post left me speechless. It is one of the best pieces of writing I have seen. Good job.

07/19/2013 1:17pm

Thanks so much! I always love hearing what people think about the blog. If you ever have a certain wedding session you would like me to feature I would be more than happy to do so. I love seeing what great ideas people choose for their weddings.


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