Over the years I have loved watching Ace of Cakes, Cake Wars and Cupcake Wars on TV just to see what kind of cake creation the bakers come up with. I am still in awe at how some of those cakes are made with all the intricate details and the hundreds of hours that go into some of them. However, when it comes to a wedding cake I am a sucker for some classic touches. Most recently I have seen some outstanding cake decorations with a lace inspiration. 

If your dress has lace on it this is a great way to incorporate the pattern into other aspects of your wedding. You can directly use the lace fabric or ribbon and overlay it onto your cake or you can have your decorator use certain pieces of the pattern and create a pattern onto the cake. I have put together some great examples of different ways that you can incorporate the lace theme into your wedding cake.
Cake by Unknown

From white on white, to two-toned to a modern take on the trend, lace is and always will be a classic inspiration for the wedding cake decoration. Between the color options, a full cover and the pattern the options are endless for a lace wedding cake design. And you don't have to limit the use of the lace to a wedding cake. You can have a single layered cake made for a bridal shower, baby shower, tea party or birthday celebration.

What decoration inspiration would you use when it comes to decorating your cake?


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