This Saturday is National Watermelon Day. I consider watermelon one the my summertime staples and will even make a whole meal out of just watermelon. To me you can NEVER go wrong with watermelon anything. Even the colors are pink and green (two of my favorites!). So to help you celebrate this fun summertime holiday I have put together a number of fun watermelon themed ideas and recipes that you can try out this Saturday.
Party Accessories
You can't go wrong with using watermelon colored paper products or these adorable watermelon toothpicks from Etsy shop Naissance. You can also find great watermelon party banners on there as well. For those who like to get a little crafty you can always make your own watermelon accessories using circle punches, black markers and a little bit of creativity.
Party Games
There are so many different kinds of watermelon games you can play in celebration of National Watermelon Day. Depending on the age group here are a few of my favorites. 
  • Watermelon Carving Contest. Give each contestant/group a watermelon and see what kind of creation they can make from it. Let all the guests judge which one is their favorite.
  • Watermelon Eating Contest. Give each contestant a slice of watermelon, have their hands tied behind their back and see who can finish their wedge first. The plastic lobster bibs may come in handy for this contest.
  • Seed Spitting Contest. Lay a piece of butcher paper on the ground and let guests see how far they can spit their seed. Mark each guest's seed before the next contestant trying their luck.
  • Watermelon Pinata. Fill a watermelon shaped pinata (learn how to make your own here) with watermelon flavored candies. Let each guest have a turn trying to knock all the goodies out.
Party Menu
Not all of your watermelon party foods have to be made from watermelon. You can also create cute watermelon shaped treats for your guests to enjoy. Here are some great recipes to try out for a watermelon celebration.

And if you are ever in China or Japan a watermelon for your party host is the perfect gift. Who knew! What is your favorite watermelon themed party idea? 


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