I always love when holidays are near as that always gives me the chance to craft up something cute. Valentine's Day is no exception. You can take something that you use every day, add a heart or ribbon on it and you have turned it into Valentine's Day decor! To help get you ready for Valentine's Day next week here are some great crafting ideas that will turn your party, for two or for ten, into the perfect Valentine's Day celebration!!

Cupid's Arrow Cupcake Toppers
Oh no! Your cupcake got shot by cupid’s arrow! This cute decoration is easy to make. You will need lollipop sticks, double-sided tape, scissors, and paper. First cut out the arrow tail, you will need 2 per topper. Next take a piece of tape and add it to each piece of paper. Lay the lollipop stick on top of one piece of paper and then cover with the second one, press the two pieces of paper together to seal the stick in. Finally cut your slits and you have created the end of Cupid’s arrow. Follow the pictures below for more step-by-step instructions from Creature Comforts.
Heart Stamped Utensils
Customize the utensils for Valentine’s Day this year. All you will need are wooden utensils, a mini heart stamp and some paint or ink pad. I found great options for ordering both of these items on etsy, just click on each item for the link. Just stamp each utensil with a heart on each end, or all over the utensil step, to make them ready for use on Valentine’s Day.
Heart Tree Centerpiece
And what would a Valentine’s Day party be without an adorable centerpiece? For the perfect Valentine’s Day centerpiece this heart tree is the perfect solution. To make this tree you will need colored card stock, heart punch or scissors, a glue gun, foam cone, and a candlestick holder. First cut out a variety of hearts, with the punch or scissors, from the colored card stock. Next take your cone and start gluing your hearts on, upside down, from the bottom of the cone to the top. You can vary your colors or sizes based on how you want your tree to look. Once your tree is covered, glue your candlestick holder to create the base and add additional Valentine’s Day garland to complete the look!
Now you are ready to host an amazing Valentine’s Day party! Are you going to give any of these Valentine’s DIYs a try?


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02/13/2013 11:40am

Cute ideas! Love all of these!

02/13/2013 11:56am

Thanks Rachel!!

02/13/2013 12:17pm

What a cute blog!! joining the mailing list right now!!! Follow mine at http://veryallegra.com :)

02/13/2013 1:46pm

Thanks Allegra! Your jewelry designs are adorable and I love that turquoise necklace that you made!


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