Each year during the holidays my sister, who is a 3rd grade teacher, comes up with the cutest activities for her kids to complete. Last year for Thanksgiving she found these adorable Thanksgiving turkey cookies for her class to make before they left on break and they all loved it! 
My sister said the hardest part was not having the kids eat all their Froot Loops before they got them on their turkeys. But what can you do, they are only 3rd grades! So for those who are looking for something for you or your kids to make this year for Thanksgiving, they could make cute additions to your Thanksgiving table setting, here is how you can make your own Turkey Cookie Treats:

  • Keebler® Fudge Stripes™ Cookies 
  • Keebler® Fudge Sticks 
  • Keebler® Grasshopper® Cookies 
  • Chocolate Frosting 
  • Candy Corn 
  • Gumdrops 
  • Kellogg’s® Froot Loops® 
  • Chocolate and Butterscotch Chips 

1. First, you need to create the turkey’s body. Start by spreading some frosting on top of your Grasshopper cookie. The frosting acts like a glue and helps all the other cookies and candies stick. Next, place your Fudge Stripe cookie facing out like the turkey’s feathers on top of the frosted Grasshopper cookie.
2. To make the turkey's head and neck you can either break a Fudge Stick cookie in half and place it in front of the Fudge Stripe cookie or use a gumdrop. 
3. For the feet and beak take the candy corn and attach them to the cookies with frosting. 
4. For the final touch cut or bite some Froot Loops in half and attache them to the top of the fudge stripe cookie. 

And for more turkey cookie ideas (we all have our favorite types of cookies!) here are two more that you could try out! 

Do you have a cute Thanksgiving turkey recipe that you like to make?


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11/22/2013 9:37pm

Love the turkey day cookies! perfect for the classroom teacher - thanks!


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