This weekend kicks off the “unofficial” start of summer! For me the Memorial Day weekend starts a series of fun trips to the river, beach and spending time outdoors at events. During the summer, Richmond is host to a variety of festivals, races and outdoor events. Here are my Tuesday Top Ten summer events in Richmond!

1. Friday Cheers on Brown's Island. You can't go wrong with a concert on the river.
2. Innsbrook Afterhours. A great West End concert location at the Snag-a-Job Pavilion.
3. Richmond Squirrels Baseball Game. Who doesn't love going to a baseball in the summer? Here I am (far left) with a group from Free Agents Marketing during the Squirrel's Opening Season in the summer of 2010.
4. Rocketts Red Glare May 27th.  This is a great fireworks show to kickoff the summer.
5. The 36th Annual Greek Festival May 31st. Featuring Greek food, dancing and history all in one!
6. Strawberry Hill Races June 2nd. A preppy gal or guy can't resist a day at the races!
7. Beer Bourbon & BBQ Festival June 9th. A day filled with good southern hospitality.
8. 2012 Uncorked June 16th. A southern girl would even bring her own decorated glass.
9. Color Me Rad 5K July 21st. A healthy way to have fun and stay in shape!
10. 29th Annual Watermelon Festival Aug. 5th. The festival is hosted in Carytown and is a great place for any preppy Richmond girl to shop!
Even if you don’t live in Richmond, I bet you could find similar events where you live.  What is one of your favorite events to attend during the summer?  

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