This weekend my BFF Emily is getting married!!!! I am beyond excited for her and her soon-to-be hubby to tie the knot. As the MOH I have been helping with a number of things in preparation for this weekend. My favorite thing to have at a wedding, or any event, are personalized details. This can include such items as a personalized cake topper, event logo, or a personalized favor. With the "DIY" wedding and event ideas everywhere (thank you Pinterest!) adding personalization to an event is an easy thing to do. 

This week I have put together ten of my favorite ways that you can personalize an event.

1. Jewelry: Get customized earrings and cuff links for you and your man to wear on your big day.
2. Bathroom Signs: This is a great way to show off a fun picture of the bride and the groom.
3. Napkins: Personalizing your beverage napkins is a great way to incorporate your event colors and your new monogram or your event logo.
4. Save-the-Dates: Coordinating aspects of the bride and groom or how he proposed is a great way to personalize the save-the-dates.
5. Invitations: Just like with the Save-the-Dates, add the couple's personality to the event invitations.
6. Water Bottle Labels: Creating labels to go around water bottles lets you incorporate your event colors, your logo and is an easy DIY project that will dress up the beverages.
7. Signature Drinks: Having a signature drink at your event is a great way to share your favorite drink with all your friends or to come up with a fun one that fits your theme.
8. Lighting: Creating custom lighting like this or just using your colors as up lighting can be a fun way to decorate your event space without worrying about messing up the venue.
9. Ring Pillow: Creating your own ring pillow is an easy sewing craft and something that you can hold onto as a cute wedding memento. 
10. Thumb Print Hearts: Having the bride and groom stamp their own thumb hearts (another easy DIY project!) creates a great personalized logo that can be used on favors, programs or menus at the event. 
I could go on forever sharing great ways to personalize your event (as would any preppy girl!). You will have to check back on Monday to see some of the personalized details from my friend's wedding this weekend. 

What has been your favorite personalized detail at an event you went to?



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