Last month I came across a fun site, called Party Excuses, that shares with you tons of fun reasons to celebrate and host a party every day. Not that you really need an excuse to host a fun get together with your friends, but if you do this site will give you the perfect party theme! There is usually a fun food theme for the day as well as one or two other random reasons to celebrate on that day. Here are my ten favorites for the month of September, with lots of great food ones this month!
  • September 5th: NFL Season Opener. What team are you cheering for? Go Dolphins!!
  • September 9th: Grandparents Day. Not that you ever need a reason to send grandma and grandpa a card.
  • September 12th: Chocolate Milkshake Day. YUM!
  • September 13th: Fortune Cookie Day. Grab a bunch of friends, place a takeout order and see who gets the funniest fortune cookie fortune.
  • September 16th: Play Dough Day. This was my favorite thing to play with when I was younger and the perfect excuse to go buy that play pack I always pass by in the store. 
  • September 18th: National Cheeseburger Day. Put on some Buffett and warm up the grill.
  • September 19th: Talk Like a Pirate Day. Argh!! You can host your own pirate party!
  • September 25th: One Hit Wonder Day. The perfect day to make a throwback playlist of all your favorite one hit wonders! (And maybe also look up what happened to all those people.)
  • September 28th: Drink Beer Day. And it’s a Saturday which means football so that’s two reasons to celebrate Drink Beer Day!
  • September 29th: National Coffee Day. Coffee themed party anyone?

What is your reason for partying this September?


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