When I think of October one of the first things that I think of are pumpkins. So, for this week everything is going to be all about pumpkins. From food to the decor you can use pumpkins in every aspect of your event. Today I have put together ten creative ways that you can use a pumpkin at your next party.

1. Dip Bowl. For a fun and festive veggie dip bowl scoop out the insides of a pumpkin and pour in your dip. This is a great way to add some pumpkin cheer to your veggie tray.
2. Vase. Add some extra color to your flower display by putting the whole arrangement in a pumpkin instead of a vase. This flower arrangement is from the blog Party Resources
3. Drink Cooler. For a little October cheer fill a pumpkin base with ice and drinks for all your guests to enjoy. The festive party cooler if from Martha Stewart.
4. Chip Bowl. When it comes to serving up your food at a party this month just use a pumpkin bowl with a cloth liner for some chips or a fall party mix. This chip bowl idea is from Better Homes and Gardens.
5. Place Cards. For a fall wedding or a festive party take mini pumpkins and turn them into your place cards. They can also be great favors too! This pumpkin place card is from the blog Becoming the Mrs.
6. Candy Display. Instead of putting a bowl of candy out for your guests turn a pumpkin into a Halloween candy display holder. This great candy display holder idea is from Martha Stewart.
7. Aisle Runner. Use pumpkins as lanterns when lighting a path for your guests. This pumpkin aisle runner idea is from Better Homes and Gardens.
8. Centerpiece. Any easy way to create a pumpkin centerpiece is to decorate them and display them on various stands. One way to decorate them is to glitter them like these from Martha Stewart.
9. Punch Bowl. When serving a fall punch what better way to serve it than from a punch bowl. Just scoop out the insides, place a plastic bowl inside and pour in your drink. You are ready to serve! This punch bowl idea is from Better Homes and Gardens.
10. Event Lighting. Instead of standard votive candle holders use mini pumpkins. You can display them on the table or create a hanging chandelier like this one from Martha Stewart.
There are so many great ideas on how to use a pumpkin in your fall party decor. How would you incorporate a pumpkin into your fall event? The more creative the better! You can find all these ideas and more on my Pinterest page @PreppyPlanner



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