While October is right around the corner, right now in Munich, Germany there is a huge celebration going on called Oktoberfest. Since 1810 this 16 day festival has brought people from around the world to Germany to enjoy the celebrations of the Bavarian culture. Festival goers can enjoy watching parades, cheers to the first tapped keg, enjoy music from traditional Bavarian bands, go on rides and of course enjoy a wide variety of traditional foods and Oktoberfest beer! With the festival going on right now I have pulled together 10 of the most popular Oktoberfest recipes so you can celebrate too! So grab your beer stein and get ready to enjoy some classic Oktoberfest dishes...
1. Veal Sausages (Wurstl)
2. Roast Pork (Schweinebraten)
3. Roast Chicken (Hendl)
4. Grilled Fish on a Stick (Steckerlfisch)
5. Red Cabbage aka Sauerkraut (Rotkohl)
6. Potato or Flour Dumplings (Knodel)
7. Cheese Noodles (Kasespatzle)
8. Potato Pancakes (Reiberdatschi) 
9. Pretzels (Brezen)
10. Oktoberfest Beers made by the Club of Munich Brewers. Yum!

With over 6 million people flocking to Oktoberfest every year, many other cities around the world now host their own variation of these Oktoberfest celebrations. Have you ever been to or hosted your own Oktoberfest celebration? What was your favorite part?


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