With the passing of the amazing Lilly Pulitzer Rousseau I decided to theme all my posts for the week in her honor. She is always an influence in my life and an inspiration in my creativity. For today’s Tuesday Ten post I have put together a list of ten essentials that will turn any party, whether it is morning, noon or night, into a Lilly party.    

Life is a party. Dress like it!
- Lilly Pulitzer

1. Embrace Color
Lilly is known for its pink and green dresses and décor so play off of the brand’s use of bright colors in your event. Even in the non-summer months bright colors will perk up everyone’s day!
2. Go Bold (for Prints)
Choose from the classic stripes, lattice and chevron prints or go all out with Lilly prints when you are accessorizing your event. Lifeguard press offers a slew of entertaining accessories for every type of party.

3. Establish an Informal Elegance
Whether you are hosting a morning breakfast or a black-tie evening the tone you set for the event is very important. You want all your guests (and yourself) to have fun and enjoy themselves, no matter the type of event, so creating that informal tone will ensure that everyone will leave the event having had a wonderful time.

4. Always Remember to Serve a Cocktail
No event could be complete without a cocktail. For your morning events a bloody or mimosa always hits the spot. And if you are unsure of what type of drink to serve a classic glass of champagne will always hit the spot! Don’t forget the cocktail umbrella!
5. Find that One-of-a-Kind Treasure
Just like Lilly was a one-of-a-kind person make sure your event has that one-of-a-kind charm. You can find amazing items to create your event theme around at a local flea market. You can check out this post from Lauren Conrad on how to navigate the local flea market to find that perfect piece.

6. Create Your Menu
The best menus are ones that use fresh ingredients and local specials. I am a total sucker for seafood and fruit anytime of the year, but you can’t always count of these items being the freshest during their off seasons. To make the perfect menu check out what is in season where you live and start from there.

7. Sweet Tooth Staples
Sweets are always a favorite for any event. The perfect sweet for a Lilly lover are Lilly themed ones of course! Colorful macaroons, Lilly cookies and pink and green colored candies are always great options when selecting your desserts.
8. Accessorize
Just like a Lilly outfit, no Lilly party could be complete without some fun party accessories. String up banners, poms, balloons and lights to create an amazing overhead display that is sure to compliment your table décor in all of its Lilly flare.

9. South Beach Venue
When possible the perfect Lilly event is always held outdoors. If you need to rent space heaters and a tent so you can still party like you are in South Beach, I say go for it! Who wouldn’t enjoy a party when they feel like they are down in southern Florida?
10. Have Fun!
And if all else fails when it comes to planning your Lilly inspired soiree just remember this one thing: 
"Just relax and have fun -- and be an individual. It's better that you enjoy yourself than it is to get it right." – Lilly Pulitzer Rousseau

Want some more Lilly event inspiration? You can check out one of my favorite Lilly books, Essentially Lilly: A Guide to Colorful Entertaining, that is filled with more Lilly themed inspiration. Lilly was known not just for her fashion instincts but also for her amazing parties. You will find everything you need to know and more in this book!

What is your favorite Lilly inspired event idea?


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