If you haven’t been able to tell from my holiday posts so far I love Christmas and everything that comes with it. One of my favorite parts about the holidays is decorating for the season. Between the lights, decorations and crafting I could not love this season anymore! Today I have ten of my favorite holiday decoration ideas to share with you.

1. Lights. It doesn’t matter if you go tacky or classic when it comes to hanging lights, they are all put a smile on my face when I see them. Some cities are known for their light displays and you can organize a tacky lights tour where you live.
2. Holiday Wreath. There are so many different options when it comes to making or buying a holiday wreath. You can go with the traditional pine wreath that will make any room smell amazing or create your own one. I made the bow wreath and the clothespin card wreath from Martha Stewart last year.
3. Wrapped Presents. Wrapped presents in a variety of colors and sizes always adds the perfect addition to a decorated Christmas tree. If I am giving someone multiple items for Christmas, I always try to wrap everything in multiple bags and boxes just to add additional gifts under the tree.
4. Advent Calendar. I love the ones that allow you to create a holiday setting or provide you the decorations for a holiday scene like the ones below from Etsy shop owner SesameSeedDesigns. If you can sew you could even make your own to use each year.
5. Holiday Centerpieces. From the traditional poinsettia to the holiday decorated vases you can never have too many holiday centerpieces around the house during the holidays. I made this candy cane centerpiece vase for some holiday flowers last year. 
6. Garland. Garland always spruces up any room in the house during the holidays. I even brought some in to decorate my office this year. The great thing about holiday garland is that you can get as creative as you want and can coordinate it to your space accordingly. I used pearl garland on the tree this year and we always string garland with berries and ribbon down the main stairway of my parents house. You can get really creative this year and make your own garland, like this DIY ornament garland from Pretty Quirky, to hang up in your house.
7. Christmas Stockings. The best decoration to hand on your mantle during this time of year is of course the Christmas Stocking. I have accumulated so many different stockings from the over the years. Last year I finally got a Lilly Pulitzer which I love! 
8. Gingerbread House. Since I can remember every year growing up my siblings and I have made gingerbread houses at my grandparent’s house for the holidays. You can see how our creativity has changed over the years, but over all they always make for a great centerpiece during holiday events at the house.
9. Ornaments. Homemade and store bought ornaments all look great on a Christmas tree. I have a combination of ones I have made, received as gifts and bought over the years on my tree right now. You can find so many DIY ornament ideas on Pinterest right now that no tree should ever be bear!
10. Christmas Tree. And last but not least the tree. Depending on where you live you can find trees made of lights, ornaments, as wall art, in multiple colors and the traditional live kind. Trees of all sizes, shapes and materials are great during the holidays! And of course the more trees the better I always say!
These decorations will get you ready for a holiday gathering at your house this season. Only 20 days left until Christmas! How are you decorating for the holidays this year? Happy Holidays!!


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11/10/2013 11:01pm

Omg I loveee the candy canes around the vase! Fabulous idea! Found your blog through Lauren Conrad's and am happy to be a new follower!


11/11/2013 10:40am

Thanks Taylor! I hope that you find some more great ideas on the blog and continue to follow along! I love your "give thanks" pillow tutorial and might just have to make my own :)


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