Last week I shared with you how to make a Halloween treat: nutter butter ghost cookies. While searching for an amazing Halloween food idea to share with you last week, I came across so many great Halloween food ideas. So for today I have put together 10 of my favorite Halloween themed party food ideas for you. Enjoy!

1. Ghost Drinks. Take the aquapod water bottles, remove the label, paint white and then add a ghost face. You could also paint them orange and turn them into a pumpkin. Idea from Kara's Party Ideas.
2. Cheeseburger Jack-o-Lanterns. Turn your burgers into Halloween jack-o-lanterns by cutting out a pumpkin face from the cheese. Idea from Red Ted's Art Blog.
3. Candy Corn Rice Krispie Treats. This easy to make treat looks like the seasonal favorite, but turned into the kid favorite rice krispie treat. Idea from Martha Stewart Living.
4. Monster Pudding Cups. Take the traditional pudding recipe, add a little green coloring, top with oreo crumbles and draw a monster face on the cup. A perfect traditional dessert guests of all ages will love! Idea from A Turtle's Life for Me.
5. Chocolate Dipped Boo-Berries. Turn strawberries into white chocolate dipped ghosts for a Halloween party treat. Idea from Taste of Home.
6. Monster Jaws. Decorate apple slices with monster faces for a healthy Halloween treat. Idea from Our Best Bites.
7. Spider Web Snacks. With some melted white chocolate wafers turn pretzels into some creepy spider web treats. Idea from Mom Endeavors.
8. Gummy Worm Ice Cubes. Turn any drink into a spooky one with gummy worm ice cubes. Idea from Martha Stewart Living.
9. Mummy Dogs. Turn your traditional pigs in a blanket into Mummy Dogs which both kids and adults will love. Serve with a ketchup "blood" dip. Idea from Our Best Bites.
10. Vampire Gingerbread Men. This was one of my favorites as I have grown up with my grandmother always making gingerbread men for holiday treats. Now they can also be made for Halloween by turning them into vampires! 
What is your favorite Halloween themed party treat? Don't forget you can follow me on Pinterest @PreppyPlanner to find these and more great event planning ideas!


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