So yesterday I may or may not have spent a few more hours that I planned on stalking the Lilly Pulitzer online sale and didn't get around to the post. All the times I have seen their "Oh Shift!" page it really is a love hate feeling as I think that is the cutest sign ever but it means that their site is down. It is always good to be prepared though for anything to happen on an event day! Anyways, now that my orders are in and on their way to me (so excited!) I have a great post for you today. So here we go!

Last January I shared with you the top ten Pantone colors for the upcoming Spring and Summer season. Now that summer is coming to a close and fall is just around the corner it is time to update that color palette. Fall event colors and decorations will have some great rich tones to them. The familiar color of the year, Emerald, is front and center along with 9 other amazing fall colors. Your fall events will be clothed in rich and dramatic tones, perfect for any fall occasion! So without further ado, here are your top ten event colors for fall...
1. Emerald
2. Linden Green
3. Samba
4. Mykonos Blue
5. Acai
6. Deep Lichen Green
7. Turbulence
8. Koi
9. Vivacious
10. Carafe

I am just loving the acai color for fall. However, that may just be because I associate fall with football and football means JMU, but that is just me! What do you think will be your go-to color choice for your events this fall? 


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