Happy Tuesday to you all! Here are my next ten wedding and event planning tips on ways you can save!

21. Use Thermography. Instead of engraving your stationary print using thermography and your budget will start out as half of the cost of engraving. This method of printing still looks amazing and classy without the price tag that accompanies it.

22. Online Bargain Hunt. Put 21st century technology to the test. Use sites like eBay, Etsy or Craigslist to search for great deals for such things as fabric, ribbon and decorations. I found great deals on vinyl stickers on Etsy when I created the favors for my friend Emily’s bachelorette party. 

23. Pick Forever Shoes. When it comes to picking your shoes and accessories for your big day pick ones that you will wear again. So many brides choose shoes that they love for their wedding day and then never wear again. For all the shoe lovers out there this just doesn’t make any sense! 

24. Monogram It. An easy, and inexpensive, way to coordinate your wedding day is to put a monogram on everything. You can order a custom stamp online with your custom monogram, or just buy a premade single initial and go crazy stamping. You can add the stamp to your invitations, napkins, programs, and favors making it look like you spent a ton when in reality you only bought the one stamp. This stamp can be found on Etsy shop Joiede Vie Paperie

25. Decorate Where You Will Be. When it comes to decorations there is no need to put arrangements on every table and on every pew of the church. Focusing the main decorations and flower arrangements at the front of the church (where you will be) and where the bride and groom will be seated will direct the guests to that area and to you. 

26. Sign Up for Emails. Who likes getting tons of emails everyday from a bunch of companies you don’t really care about? When it comes to weddings it pays to sign-up. Create a new, wedding only email account that you can give out when wedding shopping. You can score great deals and updates from companies by doing so allowing you to save on that dream dress or must-have entertainment.

27. Buy In-Season. When it comes to flowers there are always a variety of options available no matter what colors you have in mind for your wedding day. The best way to save when it comes to choosing your bouquet is to select flowers that will be in-season during the time of your wedding. In-season flowers are easily available and are less expensive than ones that have to be special ordered. 

28. Select Big Blooms. Another tip when it comes to selecting your flowers is to choose over-sized blooms. Flowers like African marigolds, hydrangeas, gladiolus and Stargazer lilies have great over-sized blooms meaning you won’t need as many for your arrangements. 

29. Branch Out. Think outside of the box when it comes to your centerpieces. Spray painting branches and hanging votives, strings of pearls or other decorations can make a great centerpiece without spending a dime on flowers which can end up saving you hundreds.

30. Miniaturize Your Makeup. Going to a make-up counter and testing out your potential wedding look is a great way to find eye shadows, lipstick and gloss that you will want to use on your big day. Spending money on one of these items is a great way to then ask for samples on the others staples that you can use to create your wedding day look. 

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What ways did you use to save on your last event? Share your money saving ideas in the comment section below! Happy Saving!




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