I hope you enjoyed last weeks money saving tips for planning an event. I have ten more great ideas for you this week. If you missed last week's money saving ideas you can check out Week #1 post for the first ten tips.  With the average wedding cost up to around $27,000 who wouldn't want some cost cutting secrets?
11. Get Creative With Your Caterer. Opting for non-traditional options when it comes to event catering is a great way to save money. If you have a favorite restaurant or food truck that you love going to take to the owner as their pricing is normally lower than traditional catering services. Food trucks would add some originality to your reception if you are also looking for something outside the box for your event.

12. Have a Friend Be the Officiant. If you have a close friend or relative you can trust, having them get ordained to marry you can save you the cost from having to hire a minister. However, for those that live in Virginia (me!!) the law requires that the officiant be active in the ministry.

13. Find a Non-Standard Reception Venue. If you know of a good restaurant or outside location for your reception you might be surprised at the cost difference between those places and a standard banquet hall. Restaurants and outside locations don't need much decorating as they come with the surrounding decor which is another cost cutting bonus!

14. Be ruthless with the Head Count. When it comes to keeping a budget low and easy way to cut back on cost is keeping your guest list controlled. Yes you might want to invite your whole office or your 30 nieces and nephews but keeping the event list just to your closest friends and family will help keep your costs down. 

15. Pick a Different City. If you live in a high cost area like New York City, D.C. or Miami switching your wedding or event to a smaller city can save you tons of money. Everything from venue cost, food, and outside vendors will have lower costs in smaller cities and towns. 

16. Hire a Wedding Planner. This may not seem like it would make sense, but hiring a wedding planning who knows the industry can get you great deals with vendors. They are very knowledgeable about the industry and can get you great deals on things you might not know to ask for.  

17. Free Downloads. There are tons of sites that offer free downloads that can help you in creating your wedding day. From place cards, programs, decorations and fonts you can find so many great downloads for free. Here are some adorable free printable summer gift tags from Vale Designs that you can download and print for free.  

18. Choose an All-Inclusive. Some venues offer in-house wedding planners, vendors and ceremony site. Having everything the "extras" included in your venue cost are easy money savers and as a bonus the on-site planner knows how the venue operates, who to talk to and has seen what work and doesn't work at that location.

19. Program Free. Choosing to not create a program for your ceremony can help save you anywhere from $50-400+ depending on the size of your guest list. Most ceremonies these days are short and pretty standard when it comes to what happens when. With most program being thrown away right after the ceremony ends, not having programs can be an easy way to save a few hundred dollars.

20. Go Online. To save on paper and to keep everything organized putting all your information on your own website is a great way to save money (I swear I think the cost of a stamp goes up every time I go to the post office). The Knot and Wedding Wire are two sites that offer great DIY wedding websites. 

Have any of your own money saving ideas when it comes to event planning? Let me know!! Next Tuesday I will share with you ten more great money saving ideas. To keep up with everything you can follow me on Twitter @PreppyPlanner and by signing up for a daily email on the "Follow Me" page.

Happy Saving!!



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