When it comes to the end of the evening at wedding it is always fun when the host selects a fun way to send off the new married couple. There are so many different ways that you can send of the newlyweds. Today I have put together ten of my favorite wedding send offs.  

1. Balloons. Use balloon arches for the wedding send off that the bride and groom can run through. Picture from We Heart Photography.
2. Ribbon Wands. Customize your wedding send off with coordinating colored ribbon wands. Also serves as a cute favor for your guests. Ribbon Wands by etsy shop Craft Up Your Life.
3. Bubbles. This is an easy 2 in 1 favor and send off option. And the best part is there is no clean up! 
4. Bird Seed/Rice. What better way to send off the happy couple than with some love bird bird seed. Bird Seed Send Off Favors by etsy shop Jacquelyn Vaccaro.
5. Poppers/Streamers. Send the happy couple off with a bang! You can get custom wedding poppers or standard poppers for the send off.
6. Beach Balls. These mini beach balls are lots of fun, creative and go great with a beach themed wedding. Picture by Meg Baisden Photography.
7. Paper Airplanes. Write your well wishes to the happy couple on the plane and send it flying during their exit! Picture from Chelsea Elizabeth.
8. Confetti. Make paper cones and fill with confetti for all the guest to toss when the bride and groom run by.
9. Sparklers. This is a fun option for a wedding exit, especially at night and always gets great pictures. Picture by Swensen Photography.
10. Silly String. If you want a truly unique idea and don't mind a little mess, silly string is the perfect send off option. Picture from 
I think the silly string is my favorite creative send off idea. Outside of these send off ideas you can also learn about send off traditions that different religions and cultures have and are sure to make any day special. What kind of send off would you want for your grand exit? Share your favorite idea below. You can find these and more great send off ideas on my Pinterest page @PreppyPlanner



Michele Verell
09/08/2013 10:31pm

Questions about silly string:
* Where did you get yours with the custom labels.
* Was it just white silly string?
* Did it stain the clothes?


09/11/2013 11:00am

Hey Michele,

I actually saw the silly string idea on The Wedding Show Box blog (http://theweddingshoebox.com/the-details/) You can make your own labels using label stickers to put on any silly string bottles you buy. A good place to find smaller ones for your guests would be at a party store. Colored silly string may stain a white dress but the best best would be to read the label before you buy it. Hope that helps!


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