When it comes to a dinner party or reception I am always in favor of having place cards. I always hate the idea of having empty seats, couples not being able to sit with each other or people moving chairs around to squeeze everyone in at one table. With place cards there is more order when it comes to guests finding their seat and everyone enjoying the evening. It also comes in handy when you might have ex's or people who don't get along with each other at the same event as you can make sure they are placed at opposite ends of the room.

For today's Tuesday Ten I have put together 10 creative place card ideas that you can use at your next event. 

1. Button Place Cards
2. Cake Pop Place Cards
3. Playing Card Place Cards
4. Confetti Place Cards
5. Doily Place Cards
6. Fruit Place Cards
7. Heart Place Cards
8. Vintage Key Place Cards
9. Noise Maker Place Cards
10. Paint Chip Place Cards
There are so many different ways that you can create a place card for your event. I had such a hard time just choosing 10 to share with you. Which one is your favorite?


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