I am a huge fan of color and love all the bright vibrant colors that accompany the summer season. Everything from summer fashion, flowers, foods and events are filled with so many colors which is what makes some of these colorful evens so much fun to take part in. So as a great way to infuse your Tuesday with some color I have put together a list of 10 colorful events that you can be a part of or even host this summer. 
1. The Color Run. The Color Run 5K race is still one of the quickest selling events in America! Start the race with your friends all in pristine white and end in one colored mess.

2. Paint and Sip Party. I don’t think I need to explain much with this one. You get to paint a fun picture while enjoying your favorite glass (or bottle of wine) with friends.
3. Live Painting Entertainment. Lilly Pulitzer hosts many events throughout the year and as a part of the entertainment at their fundraisers and events they have live painting. What a great way to get a little colorful and raise money for a great cause!  

4. Paintball Party. There is no better way to bring out everyone’s competitive side than with a little paintball color fight.

5. Colorful Kitchen Cooking. Grab a group and host a cooking class with all the colorful fruits and veggies that are so readily available during the summer. See who can create the most colorful dish!
6. Tie Dye Party. What better way to celebrate the 70’s than with a little psychedelic fun and create your own tie-dye creation.

7. Furniture Painting Party. Go on a run to a thrift shop or two to collect a variety of new chairs and then invite your friends over for a painting party to create your own mis-matched Friends themed kitchen table setting. 
8. Holi: The India Color Festival. This festival of color was the inspiration behind many of the color runs that are offered in America today.

9. The Great Bull Run. You don’t have to fly to Spain to participate in this event anymore! The run and tomato royale event is coming to a city near you! Get ready for lots of colors as well as having a messy time.
10. Neon Splash Dash. The newest color run races are now hosted a night with glow sticks and paint with black lights. Get ready to be one colorful mess!

What other colorful events do you know and like to participate in?


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