When attending a party you will probably find some type of cheese being served. From cheese and crackers, spreads, dips and a variety platter you will always find something. The cheese platter is always a classic though at any party, especially a Wine & Cheese Party. There are just a few things to remember when it comes to building the perfect cheese platter.

  1. Variety. There are multiple types of cheeses: hard, soft, aged, blue, mild, sharp and blends to name a few. When building a cheese platter it is always a good idea to offer a variety. Include some that everyone will be familiar with as some new ones for those that have a love for trying new things.
  2. Sides. Though some people may be able to just sit there and eat the cheese with nothing else it is always important to includes sides that will compliment your cheeses. This could include crackers (the variety boxes are best), toasted bread, pretzels, nuts, and fruits like apples and grapes. You need the contrasts of sweets, salts and crunch to go with your cheeses.
  3. Presentation. How you display your selections is always something I love to play around with. You can create your own chalkboard platter, from yesterday’s Wine & Cheese Party post, or use a variety of your own platters. Just make sure that you have enough space to include place cards that specify what each cheese is. To help out your guests set items near each other that pair well together like brie and apples.
  4. Serving Time. Most cheeses are better served at room temperature. You can create the displays about an hour before guests arrive (leaving fruit in the fridge of course) to allow for plenty of time for the cheese to warm up.

Still need some help in creating the perfect cheese platter? Use the chart from yesterday’s Wine & Cheese Party post to see what pairs best with what and for a list of common varieties. If all else fails when you go to your local store (I love Trader Joe's and Whole Foods) ask one of the people that work there what they suggest when it comes to putting together a great cheese platter. They will know what they just got in as well as have some great tips for you.

What is your favorite go-to cheese dish when it comes to entertaining? And for a fun fact: National Cheese Day is this Sunday, January 20th! So invite some of your friends over and host your own Wine & Cheese party and wow your guests with your amazing knowledge!


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01/19/2013 8:40pm

Cheese is one of my favorite foods and has been since I was a kid!

As a kid we made large cheese spreads quite often. One of my favorites was when we would use the slate cheese platter because we could write the names of the cheeses in chalk.

Great post!

01/21/2013 2:03pm

Thanks Jenna! I would agree that the slate platters do work best as no matter what you are displaying you can easily add the name of the dish with chalk. You can find more great ideas like this on my Pinterest page @PreppyPlanner so don't forget to check that out too!!



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