Happy Friday! Even though everything is already decorated for Christmas, stores have started playing Christmas music and there is Christmas everywhere you turn I am still just sticking to one holiday at a time. Don’t get me wrong I am a huge fan of Christmas and can’t wait to play my Christmas music, but I really don’t like how people skip over Thanksgiving.

So, to fully appreciate the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday I have some great posts planned for the next 2 weeks. Today’s Friday Foodie post was inspired from the traditional Thanksgiving cornucopia, or horn of plenty. The cornucopia is a traditional symbol during Thanksgiving as it can usually be found filled with items from a fall harvest. I found some amazing ideas on how you can make your own cornucopias this year for Thanksgiving.

Cornucopia Sandwiches

To make these cornucopia sandwich rolls you will need bread dough, foil, non-stick spray, an item to mold your foil around (cups, more foil, cardboard, etc.), egg wash and a baking pan. To make your mold you can follow the step-by-step directions I found from Diamonds for Dessert below.
Depending on the size cornucopia you want to make just adjust your mold accordingly. Once the mold is done you will want to spray the foil and then wrap the dough around the mold in strips. Once the mold is covered brush a light egg wash onto the outside, place on the baking sheet and put it in the oven according to the bread’s cooking instructions. This cornucopia shaped bread can be made into any size so you can use it to make sandwiches, centerpieces or food displays like the one I found on AllRecipes.com

Cornucopia Treats

These are a little simpler to make and can be filled with any delicious fall treats like the Fall Party Mix I made a few weeks ago. To make these you will need waffle cones, water, a bowl, a microwave, and a pencil. Take the waffle cone and dip the end of the cone into a bowl of water for about 20 seconds. Next place the cone into the microwave for 20 seconds (until softened). Once softened, remove from the microwave and wrap the end around a pencil, to form the curl, and let dry. To finished, fill with your own fall goodies.

When it comes to fun ways to transform your food to match the event theme I am all for it. And these cornucopia treats are perfect for a Thanksgiving celebration! What other ideas can you think of for some Thanksgiving themed foods?

Don’t forget this Sunday is Veteran’s Day. Remember to thank those that you know or run into that day for their service to this country! Have a great weekend!!


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