Back in the fall I shared with you some great ideas when it came to hosting a football tailgate. From the food, tailgate essentials and gameday treats I shared with you ideas on every aspect to set you up for the perfect football day. Now with the Super Bowl just over a week away football season is coming to a close. Now is the time to host that final football event until next season. Luckily a lot of those tailgate essentials from the fall will come in handy when hosting this Super Bowl party just tweak the color scheme to incorporate this year’s teams and you are good to go! Here is how I would create my Super Bowl Party.

Color Coordination
As with any party I would have to coordinate my party colors to this year’s teams. I am not a die hard fan of either the 49ers or the Ravens so I would have a variety of both purple and red scattered with some basic football themed items. 
Every year growing up there would also be a family that hosted a Super Bowl party. One of the best games that we participated in was the football pool. There would be a large grid and all the guests could buy spots on the 10 x 10 grid. You would then randomly draw out numbers 0-9 and write those numbers going across the top (team A) and down the sides (team B). At the end of each quarter whoever had the grid spot with the last two digits coordinating with the score would win! You can get more detailed step-by-step instructions on how to set up your pool here and you can print off the blank grid below for your own party.
And what would a Super Bowl party be without food and drinks? Since it is usually so cold in January a nice chili and some warmed wings are the perfect start to a gameday meal. You can make your favorite tailgate dishes or a bunch of themed football foods to compliment the main dish. I love these familiar bite sized gameday treats and just about any kind of dip (check back tomorrow for my favorite!). For dessert you can whip up some of the football gameday treats that I shared with you this past fall.
What are you doing for the Super Bowl this year? 


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