I love hosting events for almost any occasion, but summertime events are by far my favorite. Summer is the perfect time to host a multitude of events. From an outdoor BBQ to a sit-down reception and everything in between, the options are endless. Just like with any other party you may be hosting it is always important to make sure that you have everything covered when hosting an event outdoors. The other day at the gym I read this great article by Mindy Weiss, event planner extraordinaire, where she shares some great tips to help you plan the perfect summer party.

  • Even if you are expecting warm, wonderful weather, ALWAYS have a rain plan! And, if you plan for your party to go on into the night, you may also need heaters. You never know what the weather is going to be like so be prepared for everything.
  • Always greet your guests with the offering of a drink, preferably something crisp and cool. A nice cool drink is the perfect thing to enjoy during a hot summer evening.
  • It's wonderful to provide a parasol, shade, or even a fan when having an outdoor summer party. At the end of the day you want your guests to remember how amazing the day was and not how they were hot.
  • If you're planning a sit down dinner, set your table the evening before (unless you are eating outside). You don’t want to be running around at the last minute and taking this off your list will allow you to be able to relax when your guests start to arrive.
  • Remember to place your flowers out last, so that the sun and humidity does not drain them of their natural beauty.
  • Your music choice should not be over-powering: soft enough so your guests can hear their conversation and enjoying to all.
  • You should open your door to welcome your guests looking like you didn't lift a finger all day. If you time things right then you should be able to offer your guests a cocktail and conversation as you invite them in.
  • If you don't have a table large enough for everyone to sit at, then make sure you do have enough seating for your guests. Depending on your menu, most guests do not like to eat dinner standing up.
  • Don't forget to stock the guest bathroom before the party. Place flowers or a fragrant candle in the guest bathroom as well as hand towels and extra toilet paper. Details will be noticed and remembered.

Now you are ready to host the perfect summer party! What other tips do you have for hosting a party during the summer?


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