Whether you are fixing a cocktail for one or for twenty there is nothing better to enjoy during the summer months than a nice refreshing summery drink. Of course everyone has their favorite summer beverage of choice, mine is anything with fruit. There are so many amazing fruits available during the summer that with the perfect drink recipe make amazing cocktails. My favorite summer fruits are watermelon, strawberries and peaches so when I find a summer cocktail with one (or more!) of those ingredients I cannot wait to try it out. Here is a great summer cocktail recipe that will use any and all of the summer fruits you like best.

Start with a basic white sangria recipe. I really like this one that I made over 4th of July Weekend by Bobby Flay (with a few tweaks of course). To make the basic sangria first mix 1 bottle of white wine, 3 oz brandy, 2 oz triple sec, 3 tablespoons lemon juice, 1 cup of juice (orange or pineapple works well) and a handful of fresh basil or mint leaves all in a large pitcher.

Next add cut up pieces of your favorite fruits (about 4-6 cups). I love using strawberries, watermelon, peaches and oranges but anything you pick out will work.

Finally mix everything together and serve over ice. Now it is time to enjoy your summertime fruit sangria!

I am a huge fan of sangria as they don’t have a lot of added sugars like some summertime frozen concoctions. The majority of the sweet tastes come from the juices of the fruits you add in. And of course the my favorite part is eating the left over fruit at the end.

What is your favorite summer cocktail to enjoy?


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