During the summer I think I could accurately say that I live off of fresh fruits and cannot wait to start enjoying some delicious watermelon! However, when it comes to summertime events sometimes fruit is nowhere to be found. Not to worry anymore! I have the perfect dish that you can prepare for your own party or one you may be attending this summer. No matter what type of party you may be hosting or attending the fruit kabob is the perfect dish to prepare. The dish is easy to serve (it is on a kabob after all) so there does not have to be any worry about plates, cups, forks, etc. with this dish. You can make them with whatever fresh fruit your local grocery store maybe carrying at the time and serve your kabobs in a variety of ways. Here are some great ways that you can serve up this delicious 

Squared Fruit with Berry Dip from Canadian Living
Fruit Wands and Mellon Popsicles from Say Yes to Hoboken 
Grilled Kabobs from Choas in the Kitchen
Dessert Fruit Kabobs (Minus the Chocolate Fountain - which I thoroughly despise!) from Betty Crocker
I can’t wait to give some of these fruit kabobs a try! What other summertime fruit recipes do you enjoy making? Have a wonderful weekend and Happy First Day of Summer to you all!!


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